G.I. Unit: 5 is an elite spy group adapted from and ancient Japanese art (according to G. I. Unit: 5 01) consisting of ex-Army members, Navy members, F. B. I., C. I. A., Marines, Coast Guards and Air Force.


Of all the G.I. (Goverment Issue) groups, unit: 5 is the elite. At the end of the 12th Century, in Japan, a group of remaining Samurai began what they called the Tsuwamono Unit. As the Samurai died off the Tsuwamono Unit lasted generations until the 16th Century, though by then many viewed them as outlaws because they stole food and money. The Tsuwamono Unit was intentionally created for peace though later they began to cause wars. In 1918, the U.S. millitary created a sectet service adapted from the Tsuwamono Unit (or as they called it, G.I. Unit: 1). They created G.I. Unit: 2, and (the elite) unit: 3. Unit: 2 was the main unit, while unit: 3 was a back-up plan consisting of the best of the best. This idea was successful unitl 1941 when both units were taken down by troops led by Adolf Hitler, since then the idea was abandon until 1994 when Vice President Gore brought the idea to the President's attention. The left the idea upto four-star General Grass, who then created G.I. Unit: 4, which was active until one decade ago when they were wiped out. No one knows how or who killed them, but it is upto G.I. Unit: 5 (now led by Vice President Lief Jackman) to find out. There is also a G. I. Unit: 6 which is a back-up team full of rookies in case something happened to G. I. Unit: 5.


See: List of G. I. Unit: 5 members

Who Wiped Out G.I. Unit: 4?Edit

G.I. Unit: 5 later finds out it is Red Dragon who lured them into a trap and killed them.

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