G. I. Unit: 5: the animated series will be a sci-fi action cartoon showed on youtube, based off G. I. Unit: 5. It will consist of all the characters, the cast & crew is unknown and the first air of the show is unknown though it is known that is will air after January 2013 and before September 2015 (do not get concerned, 2015 is the tops expiration date.) It is also known that in the first episode Portal and Joey will meet their demise, according to Ricardo H. B.

Season 1 Known Episodes:Edit

Pilot (1st episode; X's history)

Chopper Down (episode 3; It is assumed that the G. I. Unit: 5 helicopter will make an appearance in this episode.)

History Lesson Part 1 (White Dragon's history)

History Lesson Part 2 (JX and X's histories)

The Yeti Part 1

The Yeti Part 2

That's Detective Work (Lea and ZX's histories)

Season Finale (Last episode of Season 1; Red Dragon's history)

Theme SongEdit

<|GIUNIT 5 themesong  >link>

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