JX (aka Jonathan Henry) is an agent of G. I. Unit: 5 and second in command.


JX has black hair, a robotic, right arm, and a laser eye similar looking to an eye-patch. He also has a piece of metal showing on his forehead.  Though, his right arm is metal, his hand is only part metal, though he is mostly wearing a glove on that hand.


JX and his brother, X's parents (the Senator of California and his wife) were killed by White Dragon when they were young. X later joined the Marines while JX joined the Army. After JX graduated from college and got out of the Army, he joined the Airforce with his brother. One day White Dragon of the Red Dragon Gang kidnapped JX out of the Airforce to prove a point to Chief Jackman that he could do what he wanted and even destroy all of the branches of the military. JX eventually escaped, but when he got back he was covered in scars and bruses. He was improved by adding robotic plating over sections of his face that help him stay alive. At the end of that year Chief Jackman hired them both for G. I. Unit: 5.


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