Lea is the fourth G. I. Unit: 5 agent to be introduced on this wiki and the first girl agent to be introduced. Lea loves animals from whales to wolves to ants to lions.


Before being hired for G. I. Unit: 5, Lea was a PI. Meia, her assistant and also a future G. I. Unit: 5 member, was on a case with her. A landlady, Roberta Flemming thought that the man paying rent at her house, Buruusu Zane, might be a criminal. She had overheard Zane talking to a mysterious man over the phone. They had been talking about classified information and Flemming was hiring Lea and Meia to investigate. It wasn't long before G. I. Unit: 5 head, Lief Jackman contacted Lea. He told her that Zane was an assassin, and that the only way she could investigate further would be to join G. I. Unit: 5, otherwise they would have to erase her memory. Lea agreed to join as long as Meia could join too. Though a private detective and good at solving crimes, Lea spends most of her time studying animals. Before a PI Lea was a Zoologist. Often, Lea trains animals to help her fight.


  • Often Lea trains all types of animals to help her fight.


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