Sun Bruce aka White Dragon (also: Buruusu Zane or 日 ブルース) is a ninja assassin and the second in command in the Red Dragon Gang and the leader of the three assassins. Red Dragon rarely shows his face, so he sends out White Dragon to do most of his bidding. White Dragon is also No. 1 wanted on G.I. Unit 5's wanted list (not to mention Red Dragon).


White Dragon is a ninja assassin so he wears a modern-looking completely white (hence the name) ninja outfit complete with modern and ancient Japanese weapons. When he's not wearing the mask, Sun Bruce is 6' 6, has green eyes, 180 ibs, black hair, Asian and in his mid-30s. Bruce is also trained in the art of Karate, Ninjitsu, and Hassansination.


When White Dragon was a child in Tokyo, Japan, he was an orphan. His parents sadly didn't want a child and wanted to leave him in better hands. But unfortunately, it was Jin Ra who found him. Jin Ra aka Red Dragon saw fear in his eye and wanted draw out anger in him, making him the perfect, loyal assassin. Twenty years later, Bruce, going by false identity, Buruusu Zane, assassinated a Sentator and his wife unknowing that they were going to be X and JX's mother and father. Bruce has occasionally questioned Red Dragon's authority but does whatever he commands no matter what.

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