Agent X (Jack Henry) is the leader of G. I. Unit: 5. He brings the  seriousness to the team.


X is tall with dark brown hair, and green eyes with a scar across his left eye (although he is usually wearing sunglasses). X sometimes wears a long brown coat and usually a kevlar vest.


When X was 5 his parents were killed by the assassin, Sun Bruce. His father was a federal senator of California and was in the Senate in Washington DC when him and his wife were murdered. X blamed Bruce for the murder unknowing that is was Red Dragon who told Bruce to do it. X knew that revenge would not help him with his grief while his brother still is looking for Bruce.

When X grew older he joined the Air Force and it paid for his college. In the Air Force, X fought in the Persian Gulf War where he go his scar. In and eject malfunction, X plummeted down towards the earth. Fortunately he had a back up system, but befor he pulled it another plane's wing lightly scratched his head leaving a scar along his eye.

After college, X joined the Marines for four years. Vice President and chief of G. I. Unit: 5, Lief Jackman had been watching him in his bravery and recruited him for G. I. Unit: 5.


X may crack a few jokes but is mostly serious and means bussiness. He made a few best friends in G. I. Unit: 5, like ZX and NX. He sometimes calls his friends "good fighting buddies".

List of Primary WeaponsEdit


  • X's real name is Jack Henry.
  • JX is X's little brother.

See AlsoEdit

ZX, NX, JX, CH, A, C, Red Dragon, and White Dragon.

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